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Total # Scenes on Structure tab

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Total # Scenes on Structure tab - will help Writer keep a track of writing sensible Screenplay.

(see attached screenshot on suggested location, or elsewhere)


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  • total-scenes-on-structure-tab.png
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@filmyartsglobal: We are building a new panel in the app called 'Story Map'. The next update of Scrite is geared towards making Scrite more usable for web-series writers who may want to write multiple episodes in a single Scrite document. In such cases 'Story Maps' helps quickly arcs, plot points and lengths across multiple episodes. When its ready, we will let you know - perhaps you can try it out and give us your feedback.

Yes Definitely. That will help lot of Writers.

gentle reminder  ---  story arc , plot arc , character arc , series arc  --- all these exist. Hopefully all are considered.

Graphic StoryMap will be more powerful & easy to use as a writer.


Looking forward to more writing power. 🙂

Thank You Teriflix.


@filmyartsglobal: In the first iteration, we will include those things that we are already kind of tracking. Like acts, episodes, structure tracks and so on - kind of what "story maps" panel in Final Draft does today. But over a period of time, we should be able to take a stab at other arcs; and maybe do them delightfully better than the other apps.

Rather than build everything into a single update. We will start with a small proof of concept, take feedback, improve, take more feedback, improve and so on. That way it allows us to enjoy and benefit from these interactions with early adopters like you 🙂

waiting for Story Map to write Series !

@filmyartsglobal: We are in the middle of putting together a functionality for mapping story threads. Especially for writers who are working on multiple episodes of a web-series within a single document, it would be useful to follow multiple threads. There could be parallel threads spanning multiple episodes and we are taking a shot at being able to trace it. For example, in the attached screenshot you can see index cards for multiple episodes.

One way to track threads right now is to apply different colors to different threads. But that's still not enough to track the progress of threads, especially if its a non-linear story. So we are trying out some ideas right now.

We will get to Story Maps right after that, because in a way one leads to the other.


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  • multiple-episodes.jpg
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Harpreet Singh Arora

Multiple Episodes - Working Great - in 0.6.2 Beta version Scrite.

(see attached screenshot, where i created the expected structure).

Thank You Scrite team.  🙂

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  • episode-act-scenes-created-0.6.2-beta.png
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a little correction ...  FIX this issue please ...

( Episode 1  > Act 1 )  ---  never shows up on Navigation for Opening Scene.

Need to show these also. Don't Skip !

or at least give toggle to show / hide as optional display setting.

(screenshots attached - with existing structure displayed)

Uploaded files:
  • structure-missing-for-1st-scene-in-navigation-1.png
  • structure-missing-for-1st-scene-in-navigation-2.png

@filmyartsglobal: Have you included Episode 1 break in the screenplay?

Thank you Prashanth ji ,

I'd revisited the structure tab and included Episode 1 in timeline. Now, everything seems to be as expected.  ( How did i miss ? )

Except ... for the fact - that Ep.1 is generally named as PILOT. (also used in TV formats).

With this provided, we'll be half way to supporting TV structure , with episodic already in place.

Good Work going in progress.  Two Thumb up !


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  • script-episode-correct-structure-Scrite-0.6.2.png
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