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Typing problems

there are a few of them, minor ones, but still irritating.

  1. The most irritating thing is the lag while typing. If you type fast, you have to wait for a second to see the text appear.
  2. when we hit tab and move to 'action' from 'dialogue' (or any other transition of that kind),  the cursor doesn't always move to it's changed place. Sure, when we start typing, the cursor moves and it gets typed at the right place, but before typing, the cursor doesn't move to the appropriate place, which creates doubt whether the right option (character, dialogue, parenthesis) has been selected or not.
  3. when we select the option 'parenthesis', two brackets () get created and the cursor stands in between them. However, once we finish typing in the parenthesis, first we have to hit the 'right arrow key' and get the cursor ahead of the right bracket and then hit 'enter' in order to move to dialogue. Having to press the right arrow key seems redundant, and we should be able to press the enter key directly to achieve the exact same thing. (right now, if you press enter without pressing right arrow key, the right parenthesis gets carried to the dialogue line)
  4. I am writing in marathi, and most of the times it works fine, but sometimes when i edit a dialogue at a place, the remaining dialogue gets messed up and shows funny signs. if i select that part, cut it and paste it again at the same place, it looks fine again. This happens occasionally,  and not always.

Hopefully, this helps.

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  1. Can you attach a video grab of this? Perhaps you can capture a video, upload to your Google Drive and share a link here? I don't see a lag in typing on any of my computers.
  2. Yeah, this has been a bug that is bothering us for a while. Unfortunately, the underling frameworks seems to be causing this problem. When Tab key is pressed, we recompute the paragraph style in Scrite based on our settings and push it to the TextEdit component in the framework that lies underneath - but the underlying framework doesn't always move the cursor to the right place. We are exploring if there are workarounds for this.
  3. Yeah, a few other writers have also reported this. It is a minor irritant, I can understand.
  4. This is because of the way Unicode works. If you face garbage text render issue, then for now you can click on the reload button in the toolbar (or hit the F5 key).


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  1. Sorry for bothering you about this, as i have stopped experiencing the lag. Maybe it had something to do with my machine. Will let you know if i start experiencing that again and more consistently.
  2. I am sure you will find a way.
  3. Yes, not a big deal, but a chance to create a more pleasant experience.
  4. This helps. Instead of selecting, cutting and pasting again, just the refresh key does the job. Thanks.


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Prashanth Udupa

@digant: Thanks for the update. 👍🏻

A bug i just came across- suppose that instead of writing in parenthesis, mistakenly i write in 'dialogue' mode. Now just by pressing tab, that line should be converted into parenthesis mode, which it does, but the parenthesis don't appear at the two ends of the line.

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Prashanth Udupa
Quote from Prashanth Udupa on August 31, 2020, 5:36 am


  1. Can you attach a video grab of this? Perhaps you can capture a video, upload to your Google Drive and share a link here? I don't see a lag in typing on any of my computers.


Here is the link with the video proof of the above mentioned "lagged typing". I'm using the latest version released as of 22nd may 2021.

Look forward to the solution.


@govind: Thanks for recording a video, uploading to Google Drive and sharing a link here. It helps. From the video I can see that you are using the latest build. But I have no idea why you are facing this issue. I am unable to reproduce this on my Mac. Lets keep this issue open, until we are able to get to the bottom of this.

try to Disable "animation" in settings.  this improves performance of Scrite app.

(disclaimer:  it's a suggestion, may not help in particular issue)

Hi Prashant,

I am finding the same problem of lag while using the software. The whole software experience doesn't feel smooth! Please let me know what should I do?


Manasa Sharma 🙂

@laymantalks_10: No idea why it is slow for you Manasa. General advise would be to update to the latest version of Scrite, install all OS updates. Beyond that try disabling animations in Settings.

Also, may I recommend that you watch the new video here: https://www.scrite.io/index.php/guided-tour-of-scrite-september-2021-edition/.

During a call with another writer yesterday, I got a feedback. He said that understanding the "workflow" of Scrite made his experience of writing in the app a lot smoother. Scrite is NOT meant to be used like other word-processors.

My guess is that the video will help clear a lot of concepts so you know what to expect while using the app.