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Unstack index Cards?

Do you use Stacking in Scrite ? Will the Un-Stacking be useful to You as Screenwriter ?
Yes, Definitely. Love this.
No, not at all. Don't understand it.
I didn't Try it yet.
I'm going to Try it soon.

Hi ,

I was able to stack index cards for a sequence in Scrite 0.6.4 and 0.6.6 , but unable to Un-Stack them for a flat layout again.

Is this intentional ?


I'd like to have the index cards moved to different sequence or just unstack them to previous layout.

--- steps depicted in attached screenshots :





Uploaded files:
  • 1-select-group-Stack-available.png
  • 2-group-right-click-Stack-Disabled-Unavailable.png
  • 3-group-right-click-Stack-Disabled-Unavailable.png

@filmyartsglobal: To unstack, simply drag the card out of the stack.

Unstacking is shown in this page here: https://www.scrite.io/index.php/stacking-index-cards/

You can jump to the section heading: "Removing An Index Card From The Stack"