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Many writers are fans of Screenplayed – a social media channel that plays films and their screenplays in sync, revealing the beauty of writing, acting and direction. If you are a newbie, watch the video below to get a sense of what such videos look like. Many of our ~2000 users use Scrite for learning […]

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Interoperable Document Format

Back in April 2020, when the Scrite project started, we used a JSON plain-text format for loading and saving Scrite documents. Sometime around June 2020, we started using the binary JSON format for loading and saving Scrite documents, with backward compatibility to text based ones. Later in July 2020, right around the time we announced […]

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Qt & QML Insights – Presentation @ Qt Desktop Days 2020

Prashanth Udupa (Creator of Scrite) presented a talk on the insights gathered while developing Scrite at Qt Desktop Days 2020 as a part of Akademy 2020 virtual tech conference. The following is a video capture of his talk. Scrite is developed using Qt. Whats very unique about the use of Qt in Scrite is that […]