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Focus on Structure

Map the structure of your screenplay using index cards and organize them into acts. Color code your index cards to gain additional visual clarity.

Never lose sight of the big picture

Whether you are writing a linear, non-linear or Rashomon; visually capture the flow of your story. Use annotations to capture all your ideas in one place.

Industry Standard Formatting

Format your screenplays to industry standards, even as you type in multiple Indian languages. Keep track of your screen time, page count and characters in every scene.

Visually map relationships

Clearly capture relationship between various characters in your screenplay. Make it easy for your readers to understand the complex network of characters in your work.

Capture Notes

Capture your story notes, scene notes and character notes distinctly. Optionally include them in reports for effective communication with the pre-production staff.

Generate reports

Whether you want to extract dialogues or entire scenes for a specific character, or extract scenes at a specific location or time of day, or get a birds eye view of which character is in which scene, Scrite’s powerful set of reports has you covered.

Synchronized film & screenplay playback

Whether you are studying a film or are checking visual representation of your own screenplay, Scrited tab helps you with synchronized playback of the film along with your screenplay.

Scriptalay – a library of screenplays

Download and read screenplays of popular films directly from within the app. Screenplays hosted on our library are either directly sourced from its copyright owners or derived from public sources.

Import & Export to popular formats

Whether you want to continue working on a script you write in Final Draft or Celtx, OR you want to export your work from Scrite to other formats, we have you covered.

Download Scrite on your macOS, Windows or Linux desktop and give it a try!

Close to 3500 writers from around the world are actively using Scrite today. Be among the early adopters who enjoy writing on Scrite and help make it better!

Source: Scrite Usage Stats

Latest News & Updates

  • Version 0.7 Beta Released
    This is the longest we have taken to come out with a new public beta. Version 0.7 is finally here and it brings a brand new notebook UI. If you just want to update to the latest version, then you can click on the button below. We encourage you to take a look at the […]
  • Notebook Revamped
    Table Of Contents Background When we started the Scrite project last year, we wanted to put together a set of unique ideas and create a screenwriting app. The first set of public betas between April and June 2020 were all about giving form to a brand new set of ideas for a screenwriting app. Early […]
  • Desktop Apps Using QML – Presented @ QtDevDesDays 2021
    Prashanth Udupa (Creator Of Scrite) presented a talk on building beautiful desktop applications using QML at Qt Dev Des Days 2021. In this talk he walks through best practices that one can employ while building large desktop applications using QML. The event attracted over 3000 Qt & QML developers and designers from all over the […]
  • Version 0.6.6 Beta Released
    Version 0.6.6 Beta is now available for download. This version is mostly a maintenance update to 0.6.4. The focus was to fix bugs, optimize performance and in general make the app work faster and be more stable. So you wont find a lot of new features, but we highly recommend that you update to this […]
  • Version 0.6.4 Beta Released
    As of today (1st May 2021), we have a total of ~2700 users on Scrite. Majority of our users are on Windows. Version 0.6.x is rapidly gaining traction, with close to 25% of our users on it already. Close to 400 new users started using Scrite with version 0.6.x. Version 0.6.4 Beta is now available […]
  • Version 0.6.2 Released
    Little more than a month ago, we released version 0.6 beta of Scrite with major new features on the Structure canvas. Version 0.6 has been one of our most successful versions to date. Close to 20% of our entire user base is now on version 0.6. We acquired almost 300 new users with this version […]
  • Paramvah Studios Releases Multiple Scrited Videos
    Scrited is our moniker for the kind of script-to-screen videos popularized by social media handles on FB, Twitter & Instagram that go by the name Screenplayed. Scrited was first introduced in version 0.5.6 in Jan 2021. It has since been used to create script-to-screen videos by many of our users for pedagogical purposes, among others. […]
  • Scrite 0.6 Beta Is Now Out
    We have been working in stealth mode with some of the best #writers in the Kannada Film Industry. Many of the features in this update are based on the feedback they have so generously offered since November 2020! This update brings some of our most ambitious features to life, from being able to tag your […]
  • Screenplay Templates
    In March 2020, we set out to build Scrite as a structure centric screenwriting tool. The idea was to give writers the tools that will help them visually comprehend and manipulate the structure of their screenplay. Over the course of the last one year, we have come quite far. With 0.6.0 beta, we have introduced […]
  • Stacking Index Cards
    Table Of Contents With the ability to tag index cards on the structure canvas, we have now provided a way for writers to visualize the structural elements of their screenplay much better than they could do before. Writers typically stick to their own standards with respect to the number of index cards to use per […]

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