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Write linearly or randomly and sequence them later.
Write in English or 10 other Indian Languages.
Share your work freely. Export to several formats.
Start from scratch or import your existing screenplay.
Capture your thoughts, research and ideas as notes.
Generate character and location reports.
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Latest News & Updates

  • Importing an existing screenplay into Scrite
    We have an entire section in the user manual dedicated to importing screenplays from various formats like Final Draft, Fountain, Celtx, Word, HTML and so on. This post is not about revisiting that. Suppose that you lookup a screenplay on the web somewhere and you now want to use Scrite to study it. To map […]
  • Scrite now on Linux
    Many Linux users wrote to us asking for a build of Scrite on Linux. Distributing on Windows and macOS is straight forward because they only have one vendor each. But Linux has several vendors: Ubuntu, RedHat, openSuSE and more. Packaging Scrite for each platform is a pain. However, in recent times most distributions support AppImage […]
  • Alphabet Mappings for Indian Languages
    Many users have written to us that they are unable to figure out what English alphabets to type in order to transliterate a word to their local language. While a link to alphabet mappings was documented in our user manual already, we thought it may be useful to simply show alphabet mappings in the UI. […]
  • Characters in scenes
    If you install the latest update of Scrite and then open any of your existing screenplays, which are written using Scrite or imported from Fountain, Final Draft, etc; you will notice something delightfully new. Below is a screenshot of Scrite showing the complete screenplay of “The Big Fish” imported from Fountain file format. Notice that […]
  • Full Screen Editing Layout
    Provide a UI layout where I can just type my screenplay and not look at structure, timeline or even notes. Once the screenplay is written, it then makes sense to work with structure, timeline and notes. – A consistent feedback from many early adopters of Scrite who are professional screenplay writers. As of Scrite 0.2.18 […]

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