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Focus On Structure

Map the structure of your screenplay using index cards and organize them into acts. Color code your index cards to gain additional visual clarity. You can also use popular templates like Save The Cat and more to Outline your screenplay.

Never Lose Sight Of The Big Picture

Whether you are writing a linear, non-linear or Rashomon; visually capture the flow of your story. Use annotations to capture all your ideas in one place.

Industry Standard Formatting

Format your screenplays to industry standards, even as you type in multiple Indian languages. Keep track of your screen time, page count and characters in every scene.

Visually Map Relationships

Clearly capture relationship between various characters in your screenplay. Make it easy for your readers to understand the complex network of characters in your work.

Capture Notes

Capture your story notes, scene notes and character notes distinctly. Optionally include them in reports for effective communication with the pre-production staff.

Generate Reports

Whether you want to extract dialogues or entire scenes for a specific character, or extract scenes at a specific location or time of day, or get a birds eye view of which character is in which scene, Scrite’s powerful set of reports has you covered.

Synchronize Film & Screenplay

Whether you are studying a film or are checking visual representation of your own screenplay, Scrited tab helps you with synchronized playback of the film along with your screenplay.

Scriptalay – A Library Of Screenplays

Download and read screenplays of popular films directly from within the app. Screenplays hosted on our library are either directly sourced from its copyright owners or derived from public sources.

Import & Export To Popular Formats

Whether you want to continue working on a script you wrote in Final Draft or Celtx, OR to export your work from Scrite to other formats, we have you covered.

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By Q3 2024, we will be moving out of beta and announcing version 1.0, at which point certain features of the product will be accessible only under a paid plan. As an early-adopter you will get significant discounts on the paid-plans. We’re working out the final details of this and will post an official announcement in our blog and Discord server.

Media Publications & Reviews

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    Paul hosts a YouTube channel on which he reviews screenwriting apps among other things. The channel is called Screenwriting Mentor (formerly Small Town Movie Critic). In addition to publishing a review, Paul has also published another video about his first impressions.
  • Rahul, Pooja & Sakutumba Sametha – #ScriteStories
    This year’s family-comedy-drama film, Sakutumba Sametha, from Paramvah Studios was directed by Rahul PK and co-written by Rahul PK and Pooja Sudhir. For us, its a very special film because it was written in Scrite. Infact, the entire team of screenwriters at Paramvah, including Rahul and Pooja, have been actively providing feedback and suggestions for […]
  • Popular YouTube Channel ‘Film Psycho’ reviews Scrite
    Saravana Kumar is a film director who regularly posts videos about filmmaking, specifically screenwriting, on his YouTube channel Film Psycho. The primary audio language in all his videos is Tamil, but his audience is spread all over the globe. In April 2022, he released an exclusive review of Scrite on his YouTube channel. Watch the […]
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    James Martin, a filmmaker and YouTuber, posted an exclusive review of Scrite on his YouTube channel in Jan 2022. Watch the complete video below.
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    Sonal Pandya of Cinestaan covers Scrite along with a brief interview with the team. Link: Indian Screenwriting app Scrite available for users in 12 languages.

Latest News & Updates

  • Version 0.9.5 Beta Released
    Scrite has been installed nearly 30,000 times since its first release four years ago. We have nearly 20,000 registered users, and roughly 4,000 users regularly write every month on Scrite. Our Discord community has more than 1200 people on it. Our tribe is growing, and we want to continue innovating and building the best screenwriting […]
  • Version 0.9.4 Beta Released
    We have just released an update to Scrite. This time we decided to not get very ambitious in terms of features, but to simply focus on bug fixes and stability. In this page we outline all the changes in this version. But if you just want to grab the update, then head to Download / […]
  • Version 0.9.3 Now Available
    Get ready for an exciting new year with the latest update to the 0.9 series! It’s been three months since version 0.9.2 was released, and we’ve added a host of new features and squashed some pesky bugs. Download / Upgrade to version 0.9.3 beta now! If you have any questions or comments, please reach out […]

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