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What’s unique about Scrite?

Get your Structure right

Map the structure of your screenplay using index cards and organize them into acts. Color code your index cards to gain additional visual clarity.

Never lose sight of the big picture

Whether you are writing a linear, non-linear or Rashomon; visually capture the flow of your story. Use annotations capture all your ideas in one place.

Industry Standard Formatting

Format your screenplays to industry standards, even as you type in multiple Indian languages. Keep track of your screen time, page count and characters in every scene.

Visually map relationships

Clearly capture relationship between various characters in your screenplay. Make it easy for your readers to understand the complex network of characters in your work.

Capture Notes

Capture your story notes, scene notes and character notes distinctly. Optionally include them in reports for effective communication with the pre-production staff.

Generate reports

Whether you want to extract dialogues or entire scenes for a specific character, or extract scenes at a specific location or time of day, or get a birds eye view of which character is in which scene, Scrite’s powerful set of reports has you covered.

Synchronized film & screenplay playback

Whether you are studying a film or are checking visual representation of your own screenplay, Scrited tab helps you with synchronized playback of the film along with your screenplay.

Scriptalay – a library of screenplays

Download and read screenplays of popular films directly from within the app. Screenplays hosted on our library are either directly sourced from its copyright owners or derived from public sources.

Import & Export to popular formats

Whether you want to continue working on a script you write in Final Draft or Celtx, OR you want to export your work from Scrite to other formats, we have you covered.

Latest News & Updates

  • Version 0.5.6 Released
    Version 0.5.6 Beta is now out with a host of new features, bug fixes and performance improvements. In this page we list out some of the key changes. Click here to download this version right away. Change in Main Window UI On the main-window, we have replaced text on the tabs with icons to make […]
  • ‘Screenplayed’
    Many writers are fans of Screenplayed – a social media channel that plays films and their screenplays in sync, revealing the beauty of writing, acting and direction. If you are a newbie, watch the video below to get a sense of what such videos look like. Many of our ~2000 users use Scrite for learning […]
  • Comments & Review
    We had an opportunity to show a demo of Scrite to a whole team of 12 writers at a production house in Bengaluru last week. They are currently using Celtx Studio for all their writing needs as of now. Obviously they saw the demo comparing and contrasting Scrite with Celtx Studio. There were many points […]
  • Centered Title Page
    Many writers complained that they did not like the fact that the title page was not centered. Our reasoning was that people will print and file their screenplays, so we have to leave more margin on the left. Users however wanted an option to center their title pages. With Scrite version 0.5.4 beta, we allow […]
  • Custom Scene Numbers
    Scene numbers play a very important role in a screenplay, especially when it goes into production. The product team (line producer, assistant director or any other person involved in production) makes use of scene numbers, sometimes by even customizing them, to better plan schedules, set designs, costumes and so on. Until Scrite version 0.5.2 beta, […]
  • Index Cards
    Writers room across the world has one prominent fixture, aside from large open tables, couches, coffee vending machine and so on. They feature a large board on which writers stick index cards neatly organized into acts. Writers like to organize their story into beats and organize them in a act-wise layout. If there is one […]
  • Screen Time
    Screenwriters understand that each page they write will translate to approximately 1 min on the screen. Until version 0.5.2, writers could look at the status bar, see the current page and page count to get a sense of screen time. Total number of pages would translate to total number of minutes of screen time. Current […]
  • Marathi Support
    One of the most requested features in Scrite is support for Marathi. With version 0.5.2, we are taking a stab at this. The built-in transliteration for Marathi works exactly the same as the built-in Hindi transliteration. The application comes bundled with Shusha font by default, but you can use any other font of your choice. […]
  • Screenplay IDE
    For software developers, an IDE provides several ways of working with code in a unified way. Perhaps we can think of a Scrite as an IDE for screenplay writers. After all screenplay is the source-code of a film! Scrite offers three distinct ways to work with a screenplay. Screenplay Editor: where the actual screenplay is […]
  • Capturing Relationships Between Characters
    Screenplays & stories are made up of characters. There are a few stories where we can notice only one or two characters, however most stories employ between 2 and 20 characters, although we could find cases where there are more than 20 also. A writer must ensure that relationships between characters are portrayed consistently across […]

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