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Laying out scenes in Structure

Some of our users wrote to us that they would want the ability to layout scenes in the structure canvas. Up until 0.4.4 beta, users had to manually place scenes in the structure canvas. With 0.4.5 beta, users can use any of the 4 built in layout engines.

Suppose that you have a screenplay with 10 scenes on structure, that are dragged and dropped into the timeline. Initially the structure canvas would look like this.

You can now change the layout by clicking on any of the layout buttons in the toolbar.

While the first button toggles rectangle selection, the other buttons layout the current selection, or all the scenes on the structure when there is no selection.

These new layout tools help you to organize your entire structure or parts of it in different ways so that you are able to gain a visual understanding of the flow of your screenplay.

By being able to layout the scenes in your screenplays in this way, you can visualize the flow of your screenplay’s story and also communicate that effectively to others.

Download the latest beta and try this feature. Let us know what you think.