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Scrite 0.9.4f Beta
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Scrite 0.9.4f Beta
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For a limited time, all features of Scrite are free to use for registered users. Eventually, there will be a paid version as we move out of beta and launch the 1.0 update.

Our goal is to make writing professionally formatted screenplays accessible to as many writers as possible and the paid version will be in line with this goal. We’ll publish information about this launch ahead of time and beta users will be able to avail a special discount.

Note: This is a beta release. A software is released as public beta primarily to seek feedback from the public. We test every beta release of Scrite, but we cannot guarantee that it is production ready as yet. Please read more about what a beta release means here ( If you wish to have a more stable and complete version, we recommend you to wait until we have a 1.0 release. But if you are one of the early adopters interested to check out Scrite, please feel free to download and please provide feedback.

Nightly Builds

The Scrite code base is constantly changing. If you want to use the latest stable build from the code base, you can download them from here.

NOTE: These builds are not yet public beta. You may want to read additional information about the nature of Scrite nightly builds first.

Download Screenplays

We are working towards making available screenplays of great films in Scrite format. You can download them here.

  • Sakutumba Sametha – Screenplay
    Sakutumba Sametha is a Kannada Feature Film, now streaming on Voot, written by Rahul PK and Pooja Sudhir of Paramvah Studios. This is the first film released in cinemas to be written on Scrite, and that makes it a very special film for us. We had recently published a #ScriteStory about their writing journey. The […]
  • Punyakoti – Screenplay
    Writer and Director Ravi Shankar‘s crowdfunded his debut animation film, perhaps the first feature length Sanskrit Animation film, called Punyakoti. Over 100 animators worked across 5 years to bring this film to light. It is currently streaming on Netflix and has received great reviews. Music maestro Illayaraja has given music for this film. The film […]
  • Bhinna – Screenplay
    Writer & Director Adarsh Eshwarappa‘s Bhinna is the first Kannada film to get an “Originals” release directly on OTT. This 2019 film is available as a Zee5 Originals and you can watch it here. This film follows the life of the Kaveri. The Script of a Film, she is going to be a part of; […]
  • Paddayi Screenplay
    Paddayi is a national award winning TuLu film written and directed by Abhaya Simha. It is a modern day adaptation of the epic drama, ‘Macbeth’ from Shakespeare. Writer & Director Abhaya Simha, is a graduate of Film and Television Institute Of India (FTII). The Docskool, South Asian script lab in Nepal, picked up the script […]
  • Download Kannada Movie Screenplay – Shuddhi
    The Kannada movie, Shuddhi, was one of the best films released in 2017. It was Director Adarsh Eshwarappa‘s debut film. One of the things that people appreciated about the film was the treatment of its non-linear narration. Obviously a big reason for that was its screenplay. You can now download the pdf script and study […]

Click here to view all screenplays.

Source Code

The complete source code of Scrite is made available under a GPLv3 license. The app is developed using Qt, the world’s leading cross-platform UI development framework. It therefore supports multiple platforms.

You can setup Qt 5.15.10 development environment on your computer and build Scrite from the source code, which can either be cloned from GitHub or download as a compressed ZIP file.