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Screen Time

Screenwriters understand that each page they write will translate to approximately 1 min on the screen. Until version 0.5.2, writers could look at the status bar, see the current page and page count to get a sense of screen time. Total number of pages would translate to total number of minutes of screen time. Current page would translate to current minute.

With version 0.5.3 Beta and beyond, writers will get a current time tracker on the toolbar and a total time tracker on the status bar.

The ‘current time’ clock on the toolbar shows the approximate time at which the content of the screenplay at the cursor is likely to happen on the screen.

The total time clock on the status bar shows the total screen time the screenplay is likely to occupy.

Of-course, all time computations are only approximate. But even an approximate estimate of time is better than none.

Pro Tip: If you are the kind of writer who writes 45 seconds per page, then you can configure Scrite to use that for computation of current and total screen time in Settings.

Update / download the latest version to try out this feature.