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With version 0.4.11, we have added a new feature in Scrite called Scriptalay. This feature provides you access to a small but growing repository of screenplays that you can download from and study. To open Scriptalay, ensure that you are connected to the Internet and click on its button on the toolbar.

Wait for Scrite to fetch latest set of screenplays from the repository.

We don’t have a lot of screenplays available in the repository as yet, but we intend to add more in due course. While we have explicitly taken permission from the copyright owners of Bhinna, Paddayi and Shuddhi to make their screenplays available on Scrite, the other screenplays are sourced from publicly available sources (primarily IMSDB). The rights to all screenplays, obviously, rest with the respective copyright owners. You can read our disclaimer here.

You can double click on any screenplay listed in this window, to download and open it in Scrite.

Download to the latest beta to take this feature for a spin. Let us know what you think. We hope to keep adding new screenplays to this list in the coming weeks.