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Bhinna – Screenplay

Writer & Director Adarsh Eshwarappa‘s Bhinna is the first Kannada film to get an “Originals” release directly on OTT. This 2019 film is available as a Zee5 Originals and you can watch it here.

This film follows the life of the Kaveri. The Script of a Film, she is going to be a part of; begins to blur lines between reality and imagination, for this aspiring actress who is obsessed about Method Acting. As with Director Adarsh’s previous film, this one too stands on top of solid writing.

The complete screenplay of this film is now available for you in Scrite. Download and install the latest beta of Scrite on your Windows, macOS or Linux desktop. Launch the app and open Scriptalay by clicking on its icon in the toolbar.

You will need to upgrade to version 0.4.11 beta to use this feature.

From the list of screenplays, you can select double click on Bhinna to download and open it.

As soon as Scrite downloads the screenplay, it will open for you to study and make notes. You can even save the Screenplay on your computer for later study.

To read the screenplay online, please visit this page from a browser on your desktop.

You can read the complete screenplay here if you want, although we suggest that you download Scrite and read it there. You can capture notes, generate reports, re-sequence scenes and understand the structure and flow of the screenplay a whole lot better.


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