Minimum Requirements

Hardware Requirements

  • Display Resolution of your monitor should be such that it can support window size of 1366 x 768 or higher. Otherwise Scrite will show a minimum functionality UI that is suitable for reading screenplays – not as much for editing.
  • RAM of 8GB or more
  • Any Intel processor with 2 or more cores.
  • A dedicated graphics card.

Software Requirements

  • On Windows: Scrite works best on Windows 10
    • You can install and use Scrite on Windows 7 & Windows 8.1 also, however we don’t actively test on these platforms. So it may not work at its best.
    • IMPORTANT: If Scrite installation fails or after installation, it fails to start (by reporting DLL errors); please ensure that you install all Windows OS Updates and then reinstall Scrite.
    • While Upgrading, please uninstall the previous version of Scrite before installing the new version.
  • On macOS: Scrite works on any Mac released after 2012. As of now we we build only for Intel Macs and we do not have a timeline for Apple Silicon Macs (they are yet to be released anyway)
    • Note: Scrite versions up to 0.7.x can be used on macOS 10.12 and later. But if you want to use Scrite 0.8.x or later, a minimum version of macOS 10.13 is required. This is because of minimum version requirement from Qt, the framework we use for building Scrite.
    • Scrite requests macOS to use the dedicated graphics card on your Mac to render animations and smooth scrolls. If your Mac does not have a dedicated graphics card, then we recommend that you turn off all animations in Settings > Additional.
By default Animations are turned ON.

If you still find that the UI isn’t working great, then you can try launching Scrite from the Terminal using the following command.

open -na /Applications/ --env QT_QUICK_BACKEND=software
  • On Linux: Ubuntu 20.04 and higher.
    • Note: only 64-bit builds are available for Linux.
    • OpenSSL 1.1.1 must be installed.
    • While we want to support 32-bit hardware, it may never happen.
    • Please read this article for more information.