Scrite makes screenwriting fun, engaging and productive. Its open-source and has over 4500 people using it.


Prashanth Udupa
Creator Scrite
Software & Technology
Surya Vasishta
UI Design
Actor, Designer, Writer & Director
Punit Thakkar
Marketing & Strategy
Content & Technology Consultant

Prashanth started development of Scrite when Prime Minister Modi announced 21 days lockdown on 24th March 2020. Within three weeks, on 17th April 2020, a beta was made publicly available. Early adopters and beta testers provided a lot of feedback that helped shape the development of the app. Though the app continues to be in beta, it is usable and is being actively used by many professional and hobby screenwriters across the world.

Surya, a film maker by profession and UI designer by practice, joined the team in mid 2020 and has since been responsible for the visual design of Scrite.

Punit, a consultant in the film industry by profession who had his own ideas for building a platform for screenwriters, joined the team in late 2020 and has since been showcasing Scrite to key influencers in the country and is helping shape the course for Scrite to grow beyond just being an app, and into a platform.


TERIFLIX (in Kannada: ಟೆರಿಫ್ಲಿಕ್ಸ್) started in 2017 to provide on-demand spaces for private screening of films to small groups of people. Since the pandemic broke, we have pivoted. We now exclusively focus on building products, starting with Scrite, to help filmmakers become more productive.

Scrite is fully opensource and released under GPLv3. The complete source code of the app can be found on GitHub. We invite you to participate in the development, testing, marketing, design, adoption and many other aspects of this app. If you are interested, drop an email to scrite@teriflix.com and we will get you started. Read this section in the user guide for more information about how all you can get involved.