Usage Stats

Since the release of version 0.8 beta on 1st December 2021, we have had close to 600 users install / update to it, and close to 350 users signup for an account. This makes version 0.8 the fastest adopted version of Scrite. December 2021 was also the most active one. Close to 800 users were actively writing on Scrite.

The following stats were updated on 7th Jan 2021 at 10:AM IST.

Scrite Users By OS Platform.
Scrite Users By Version
Monthly active users on Scrite

How are app usage stats determined?

Each installation of Scrite is assigned an unique installation ID, that is locally generated and stored in the writer’s computer. The installation ID remains same across all updates. However, if the writer resets their system (by switching user accounts, by purging application installation data or by formatting & reinstalling the OS), then a new installation ID is generated.

Every single time the Scrite app is launched and for every hour of use there after, the Scrite app checks our server for updates. A standard HTTP call is made to check for updates, along with which a unique user-agent string is sent. This user-agent string contains some information about the Scrite instance requesting for updates. Information like installation ID, OS type and version. All HTTP requests are logged on our server and are therefore timestamped.

Periodically we process these logs to determine the number of installations, active usage stats, update cycles and so on.