Usage Stats

The following stats were updated as on 22nd Nov, 9 AM.

Scrite Users By OS Platform.
Scrite Users By Series.
Scrite Users By Version.
Monthly Active Scrite Users.
Stats for the month of November is tentative, because the month is still underway.

Forum Stats

The discussion forum is actively used by users to submit feedback, discuss product features, ask questions and report bugs.

User Registrations620
Topics Created203

GitHub Stats

The entire source code of Scrite is available on GitHub. We know of many developers who have downloaded the code and reviewed it.

A Star in GitHub is similar to a the Like button social media platforms. Developers who like the project for its intent, code quality, software engineering methodologies or other similar such reasons, tend to star-mark a project.
Developers who want to actively follow the progress of a project on GitHub can mark the project for watching.
Developers who want to take a copy of the source code and try out ideas of their own tend to fork a copy of the code from the main repository.

You can look up detailed stats regarding code commits on our GitHub page.

How are app usage stats determined?

Each installation of Scrite is assigned an unique installation ID, that is locally generated and stored in the writer’s computer. The installation ID remains same across all updates. However, if the writer resets their system (by switching user accounts, by purging application installation data or by formatting & reinstalling the OS), then a new installation ID is generated.

Every single time the Scrite app is launched and for every hour of use there after, the Scrite app checks our server for updates. A standard HTTP call is made to check for updates, along with which a unique user-agent string is sent. This user-agent string contains some information about the Scrite instance requesting for updates. Information like installation ID, OS type and version. All HTTP requests are logged on our server and are therefore timestamped.

Periodically we process these logs to determine the number of installations, active usage stats, update cycles and so on.