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Configuring Watermarks

One of the most frequently asked questions about Scrite is this: “Can I turn off or change the watermark?”

The answer is YES, and in this article we will show you how.

Table Of Contents

    Default Watermark Settings

    By default, all PDFs generated using Scrite carry a watermark that reads “Scrite” in the middle of the page.

    Changing Watermark Settings

    To change the watermark text, color, angle or even toggle watermarks off, simply head to Settings > Page Setup.

    In this dialog box, you can change several aspects of the watermark, or even turn it off entirely.

    Watermarks Are File Specific

    Please note that watermarks are file-specific. This means that any change you make to watermark settings only applies to the file that is currently open. If you open another file, the watermark settings wont carry over to that file. Said in other words, watermark settings are saved along with the file and will be loaded whenever that file is opened.

    You could save modified watermark settings as defaults, so that new documents created from then on will use those settings.

    Impromptu Watermark Texts

    While generating PDF of your screenplay or extracting reports, you can change the watermark text in the report generation dialog box.