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Download Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Script

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, directed by George Roy Hill and released in 1969, is a seminal film that blends the Western genre with a buddy film dynamic. Written by William Goldman, the screenplay is celebrated for its sharp dialogue, compelling characters, and innovative narrative structure. You can scroll down to read the screenplay.

Key Elements of the Script

Character-Driven Narrative

The script places a strong emphasis on character development and the dynamics between Butch and Sundance. Their contrasting personalities—Butch’s wit and Sundance’s stoicism—create a compelling and entertaining partnership.

Innovative Structure

The screenplay utilizes a mix of genres and tones, incorporating elements of comedy, drama, and adventure. This innovative approach keeps the audience engaged and adds depth to the narrative.

Memorable Dialogue

William Goldman’s script is renowned for its sharp, witty dialogue. The banter between Butch and Sundance is not only entertaining but also deepens their characterization and relationship.

Themes of Loyalty and Change

The script explores themes of loyalty, change, and the inevitability of time. As Butch and Sundance navigate the changing landscape of the West, their unwavering loyalty to each other becomes a central theme.

Download the script below.

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