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Download Get Out Script

Get Out, directed by Jordan Peele and released in 2017, is a horror film that has garnered critical acclaim for its insightful social commentary, gripping narrative, and innovative storytelling. Peele, who also wrote the script, masterfully blends horror with satire to explore themes of racism and systemic oppression. You can refer to the script below by scrolling down.

Key Elements of the Script

Layered Characters and Performances

  • Chris Washington: A relatable protagonist whose background and emotional depth make his journey compelling. His growth from discomfort to sheer terror is portrayed with nuance and authenticity.
  • Rose Armitage: Her transformation from loving girlfriend to sinister manipulator is one of the film’s most shocking twists, revealing the depth of her deception.
  • Missy and Dean Armitage: Their outwardly progressive personas mask their involvement in heinous practices, showcasing Peele’s commentary on covert racism.
  • Georgina and Walter: Their eerie behavior and subtle clues provide early hints of the film’s dark secrets.

Themes of Racism and Hypocrisy

The script delves deeply into themes of racism, exploring both overt and subtle forms of prejudice. The Armitage family’s actions symbolize systemic exploitation and the commodification of black bodies, offering a powerful social critique.

Masterful Use of Foreshadowing and Symbolism

Peele’s script is rich with foreshadowing and symbolism, from the unsettling interactions at the Armitage estate to the recurring motif of the deer, which echoes Chris’s own sense of vulnerability and entrapment.

Psychological Horror and Satire

The film balances psychological horror with biting satire, critiquing societal norms and behaviors. The script’s sharp dialogue and dark humor enhance its commentary, making the horror elements more impactful.

Download the script below.

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