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Early Adopter Survey

We have been running an early adopter survey for a few weeks now. Scrite shows an in-app notification requesting the user to respond to our survey. Quite a few of our users have responded.

Who are these users who responded to the survey?

It turns out, half of the people who responded on the survey are professional screenwriters.

How did they find out about Scrite?

Among the various options, we found out the following significant.

  • TERIFLIX Social Media
  • Recommendation from a friend
  • Screenwriting Workshop

What languages are they using in Scrite?

Many of our users reported that they use Scrite in multiple languages simultaneously. Which is great, because that is what Scrite is meant to do. Among the Indic languages, 65% write in Kannada.

With support for input methods, writers should now find it easier to type in their local language.

What software were they using before?

From the survey, it appears that writers use multiple apps. Our intention behind this question on the survey was to find out what feature set we should match in Scrite.

What is the number #1 reason for them to use Scrite?

Most people responded that the number #1 reason for them to use Scrite was “support for Indic languages.”

Two other compelling reasons that people reported were: The Structure Canvas and Notebook are really useful and Scrite is a software written by an Indian company.

So, where do we stand right now?

As of now we have 650+ active users of Scrite around the world.

We have received close to 180 messages so far (across Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Email, Forums and on the erstwhile feedback form) where our users have shared their critical feedback about Scrite. For the next few weeks, we are going to be focusing on making Scrite robust and stable, while addressing UI/UX issues that are today acting as minor irritants and coming in the way of our user’s writing experience.

For a 4 month old software, this progress is huge!

Thank you to all our brave early adopters.