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Graphics Performance on MacBook Pro

Does Scrite seem slow and laggy on your powerful MacBook Pro? Chances are that your Mac is not configured to use its powerful graphics card.

To check what graphics hardware is being used, click on the About This Mac option in Apple Menu and look at the value show against the Graphics field.

If it says Intel UHD and you know that your Mac has a dedicated graphics card, then your Mac is not using the dedicated graphics card available on your Mac.

To enable usage of the dedicated graphics card, Go to System Preferences > Battery and turn off Automatic Graphics Switching.

This will ensure that your Mac uses a dedicated Graphics Card to power all of the UI.

Please be aware that turning off “Automatic graphics switching” has an impact on battery life. But if you are the kind of user who uses your Mac while keeping it plugged in to a power source, then it should not be a problem.

If you go back to Apple Menu > About This Mac, you will now notice that your Mac has begun using its dedicated graphics card.

Now when you switch to Scrite, you should be able to experience a much smoother UI and overall an improved performance.