Sign-Up / Login

Starting with version 0.8 beta, you will be asked to login as soon as you start Scrite.

The first time you login, Scrite creates an account for you and links it to the email id you provide. It then sends an activation code to your email. Simply copy the activation code from your email and paste it into the activation code field within Scrite, and click on the Activate button.

This will cause the installation of Scrite on your computer to be activated and linked with your account. From them on, Scrite will use the same account every time you start the app.

You can always click on your user profile icon on the top right corner of the Scrite window and edit your account profile details.

Your information is stored on our servers as per the Privacy Policy.

Signing up and logging in is optional, however many features of Scrite are available only to logged in users.

Why are you being asked to login?

Until the version 0.7.13 beta, the way a new user got access to Scrite is via the download option from our website. While it did the job of making the application quickly usable, it kept us from letting you create a user profile and us from building features that can make Scrite personal and far more productive.

What’s the use of a profile?

Having a profile lays the foundation to build user-linked features. With this latest version, the first such feature is Shield, which provides writers the comfort to securely share their screenplays with their peers & collaborators. Only authorized users will be able to open the file, provided they have logged in to their Scrite account. If you haven’t granted permission to a user then they will not be able to view the file even if they manage to get access to it via someone you have authorized. Not just that, they will not be able to convert the document to a regular pdf file.

In the near future we will be introducing offerings which will be part of a paid subscription plan. Logging in as a user is going to be crucial to access some of those upcoming features.

Additionally, by creating a profile, you take the first step to join the Scrite community and we can communicate with you easily about the latest updates, announcements, events, and knowledge resources that could be of help to you in your screenwriting journey.

What lies ahead?

As we move closer to releasing version 1.0 and move out of beta, we are exploring introducing paid options to be able to continue innovating on the app. This is tentatively scheduled for Q4 of 2023.

Does it mean Scrite will now be a paid product?

Scrite will not turn into a fully paid product. There will likely always be a basic version available for free, using which you can write industry standard formatted screenplays and export them into PDFs. We may impose a time limit for such free features once a subscription plan is introduced, or we may offer limited features free-for-ever. We haven’t finalized on those aspects yet. We will be sure to update you and provide sufficient time to make up your mind about using the paid subscription plans. The reason why we are thinking of starting a paid subscription plan is to build a business case around the product, that allows us to invest in building a quality team to further develop and maintain the product, which we are sure you (as a Scrite user) will surely appreciate too.

Until we introduce paid-subscription plans, all features of Scrite will be free for use.

Scrite was started with the goal to make it easy for anyone to write industry formatted screenplays in multiple languages. Over a period of time, we have expanded on that goal to include support for pre-production reports, story structuring tools and extraction of story insights.

Going forward we will also be adding support for script-breakdown, scheduling and casting workflows to make it even more seamless for ADs to plan pre-production based off of a written script. We will also build mobile and tablet apps to bring a truly paper-less pre-production and production experience with your cast and crew. AI is taking over the world, and we surely want to explore effective ways to help writers leverage the power of AI within Scrite app itself. However, developing all of these advanced features require us to invest more into the development and maintenance of Scrite, for which we need to build a business case.

Scrite continues to be open source and the complete source code for all updates will be available on GitHub for anyone who chooses to build on their own.

We acknowledge and value the support of all our 18000+ users who have chosen to write their screenplays in Scrite. It is thus recommended for you to create a profile with this latest update because we will be extending a special discount on our paid version to our most loyal users. The details of the same will be shared closer to the release, which is a few months away.

Lastly, keeping in line with our goal of building a community around Scrite users, we have created a Discord server that we’d love for you to join. We will be sharing announcements, hosting virtual events and you will have the option to request for features, report bugs and get to know fellow writers better.

We hope you enjoy this latest update.