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Qt & QML Insights – Presentation @ Qt Desktop Days 2020

Prashanth Udupa (Creator of Scrite) presented a talk on the insights gathered while developing Scrite at Qt Desktop Days 2020 as a part of Akademy 2020 virtual tech conference. The following is a video capture of his talk.

Scrite is developed using Qt. Whats very unique about the use of Qt in Scrite is that we use QML, a declarative UI technology, for developing the entire UI. QML is typically used for developing touch & gesture based mobile applications. Scrite is among the few applications that uses QML for the UI.

Watch this video to get a peek into the design & implementation of Scrite. The video assumes knowledge of Qt, C++ & QML in the viewer.

KDAB, the company that hosted Qt Desktop Days, has uploaded a longer version of this video on its YouTube channel, with the post-talk Q&A as well.