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Video Codecs

In order to use Scrited tab effectively, you need to be able to load videos along with screenplays in Scrite.

While macOS comes bundled with video codecs required for playing back common video formats (like MP4, MOV, MPG etc.), Windows and Linux doesn’t bundle them by default. Codecs will have to be installed separately. The following sections provide links to resources from where such codecs can be downloaded and installed.

Codecs For Windows

On Windows, you can install video codecs from the free and open-source LAVFilters project. Click on the link below to visit the project’s GitHub page from where you can download an installer and setup the codecs on your Windows PC.

Once you install LAVFilters on your Windows PC, restart Scrite. You should then be able to load videos in the Scrited tab.

Codecs for GNU/Linux OSes

On Linux, you will have to install GStreamer and a few proprietary codecs.

To install GStreamer, visit page at the link below and follow instructions depending on the Linux flavour you use.

Once you install GStreamer, you may have to install a few proprietary codecs as well. The procedure to do so is different depending on the flavour of Linux you use. On Ubuntu, for example, you can simply install the ubuntu-restricted-extras package using the command line below.

# sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras

Once GStreamer and the proprietary codecs are installed, you should be able to load videos in the Scrited tab.