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Assigning Time Offsets For Individual Paragraphs In Scrited Tab

When we first announced the Scrited tab feature, it was only possible to assign time offsets for each scene heading.

Scrite would then linearly interpolate the offset from one scene heading to the next, and many times the interpolation would not be accurate.

With version 0.6.0 beta, we now allow users to assign offsets to each action and dialogue paragraph, so that the interpolation may be more accurate in-between them. You can now click on the lock icon, so that the currently assigned time offset may be locked and not overwritten until it is unlocked.

By setting time offsets for each paragraph distinctly, the auto scroll is now smoother. The following video walks you through the process of creating a synchronized screenplay & film presentation.

Scrite offers keyboard shortcuts to make your usage of Scrited tab more productive. Simply pull out the Shortcuts Dockwidget and take a look at the shortcuts available.

Take a look at some of the Scrited videos uploaded on Paramvah Studio’s Facebook Page.

Take a look at some of the Scrited videos uploaded on our Facebook playlist.