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We had an opportunity to show a demo of Scrite to a whole team of 12 writers at a production house in Bengaluru last week.

They are currently using Celtx Studio for all their writing needs as of now. Obviously they saw the demo comparing and contrasting Scrite with Celtx Studio. There were many points of feedback they had for us, which we have noted down and queued in our product development roadmap.

One such feedback was about having the ability to share screenplays with peers and capture comments. Since we don’t yet have a cloud based studio platform, we cannot offer collaborative editing or even review at this point. However, we did want to provide the ability for peers to leave comments against each scene.

Intuitively, many users felt that the space on the right hand side of scenes in the screenplay editor was a space for capturing comments. However, that space has been used for capturing scene synopsis.

In Scrite 0.5.4 beta, we have moved the synopsis editor to a space under the scene heading and have utilized the space on the right for capturing comments against each scene.

To show the comments area, click on the Flag icon in the toolbar and enable comments panel.

When enabled, Scrite shows a pullout panel on the right of each scene heading. Click on it to pull out the comments box and type your comment there.

In a future update we hope to offer mechanism to tag comments against individual paragraphs in the scene. For now, the box on the right provides a space for capturing untagged comments.

Download and/or update to the latest beta to try out this feature.