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Cover Page Photo

With version 0.4.0 we announced the availability of industry standard formatting in Scrite. While much of the screenplay was generated in standard format, the title page (or cover page as some people call it) was lagging behind. With version 0.4.5 Beta, we have now addressed that.

The next time you launch and create a new screenplay or load an existing one, you will see a title page editor area at the top of the screenplay editor.

By clicking on the edit button on the top right, you will be able to edit the title page fields. Here, you can attach a cover page photo.

Once a cover page photo is attached, you will be able to see it both in the screenplay editor and also in PDF versions of the screenplay you generate.

The cover page photo also shows up in preview.

And as mentioned before, it shows up in the exported PDF file as well.

With this, you can now go ahead and create professional looking screenplays for your upcoming blockbuster film.

Download the latest beta and try out this feature.