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Dialogues in a specific language

What if we are writing a screenplay where we are clear that all dialogues will be in Kannada (by default), but Action and other elements are going to be written in English?

Until 0.4.3, one had to change the language in addition to changing the paragraph type to accomplish this. But what if we could configure Scrite in such a way that it automatically changes language to Kannada every-time we change paragraph type to Dialogue?

Starting with 0.4.4 Beta, we can do just that.

From now on, whenever a dialogue paragraph starts; the language automatically changes to Kannada. You can ofcourse switch to any other supported language in Settings Dialogue box.

This feature was suggested by Mr. Sanjay Sharma who is a writer from Mumbai and also sits on the Executive Committee of the Screenwriters Association India. We had reached out to SWA India several weeks ago, requesting them to take a look at Scrite and evaluate its use for Indian Writers. Mr. Sanjay was kind enough to take a look at the app last week and send us significant feedback about the app. This feature is among many others he has recommended us to implement. Many thanks to Mr. Sanjay Sharma for taking a look at Scrite and sending us feedback.

Take this feature for a test drive and let us know what you think. Download / upgrade to the latest beta now.