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Find & Replace

With Scrite 0.3.7 Beta, we finally have a working Find & Replace. As with all features, this one is in beta too. As we use it more and more, we will uncover issues if any and fix it.

Suppose for example, you want to change the name of a character in your Screenplay. Take a look at the screenshot below.

Lets say, we want to change the name of the character Nagi to something else say, Vikas. Notice the search bar on the top? We now have a button to the far right

When you click on this button, the replace field will be toggled on and off.

Once you type Nagi in the first field (which is the search field) and shift focus to the second field (the replace field), Scrite searches for all occurrences of Nagi in the entire screenplay.

After you type Vikas in the replace field, you can hit on the “Replace” button to replace one occurrence at a time, or click on “Replace All” to replace all occurrences in one go.

Notice that Scrite automatically updates character names list under each scene with the new Character name.

Download the latest version and try out this feature.

Known Issues as of 0.3.7 Beta

  • When using Replace feature with Kannada (or any non English language), the first replace works properly – but subsequent replacements may be error prone. However, “Replace All” works accurately. [NOTE: This issue has been fixed in 0.3.8 Beta]