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Font bundle & HTML Export

Many of our users were complaining that the Indic fonts were getting rendered using a randomly picked font, although it was for the intended language. Just like you wouldn’t want the font for English to be Comic Sans for example, using a artsy Kannada font wouldn’t work either. Besides when a screenplay was exported to HTML, Indic fonts wouldn’t render properly as described in this GitHub ticket.

Thanks to Rakesh Kumar, an early adopter of Scrite for pointing out this issue.

To address all this, we now bundle hand picked fonts for Indian Languages into the binary of the Scrite App. That way the fonts will appear consistent across all Scrite installations. These fonts are licensed under OFL and have been picked from the Google Font Library.

HTML Export

From Scrite version 0.2.15 Beta onwards, when you select Export > HTML option, you will get a dialog box as follows.

By default the languages you select as Active in the Settings dialog box are checked and fonts for checked languages will be exported along with the HTML. The font files will be saved into a fonts folder within the same directory as the HTML file. The HTML file itself will contain CSS code to ensure that it uses those fonts while rendering the HTML.

Download a version of Scrite higher than 0.2.15 Beta, to take this feature for a spin.