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Fountain format in Scrite

Fountain is a simple markup syntax for writing, editing and sharing screenplays in plain, human-readable text. Fountain files are basically text files that must be written using a really easy to understand syntax. Screenplays written in Fountain file format can be imported into several screenplay editing software for further editing and study. They can easily be converted to PDF and other formats as well. With Scrite Version 0.2.15, you can now import and export Fountain files.

Support for Fountain format in Scrite was first suggested by Kushal Kumar M, a hobby screenplay writer.

Fountain syntax

Lets look a a really simple screenplay written in fountain syntax.


The front door opens to reveal Will and Josephine on the porch with their bags.  REVERSE to Will's mother Sandra (53), surprised and a little annoyed. 

How did you get here?

We swam.  The Atlantic, it's not that big really.

When rendered using any Fountain compatible software, the above text looks like this.

You can read all about the Fountain syntax here.

Importing from Fountain files

To import from Fountain files, simply select the Import > Fountain menu option and select the fountain file you want to import.

Below a screenshot of Scrite showing screenplay imported from a sample hosted on Fountain’s website here. Its screenplay of a feature film titled “Big Fish”.

Importing from Word

If you have a screenplay in Word format, or perhaps RTF format, you can export the screenplay as a text file and then import it into Scrite using the Fountain import option. Watch the video below for details.

Exporting to Fountain format

To export your Scrite screenplay to Fountain format, simply select the Export > Fountain option and export to a fountain file.

When Scrite screenplays are exported to Fountain format, it generates a simple human-readable text file like this.

Screenplay of Shuddhi exported to Fountain file format

Screenplays in Fountain format can be opened in many screenplay writing software. For example, there is an app called beat for macOS that supports this format. Fountain files created using Scrite can be opened in beat for example.

Download a version of Scrite higher than 0.2.15 Beta, to take this feature for a spin.