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More and Cont’d Markers

In screenplays, sometimes dialogues tend to spill over a page boundary to the next page. For example, consider MAN’s dialogue in the screenshot below.

Scrite 0.4.0 Beta – Improper paragraph breaks across page boundaries

The dialogue is split across two pages. When viewed on screen, we are able to relate that the first line on page 37 is dialogue of MAN. However, when this is given away in printed form; the reader will have to go back and forth to figure out whose dialogue it is.

The most accepted way to resolve this is to introduce MORE and CONT’D markers when a dialog spills over a page boundary.

Scrite 0.4.1 Beta – Proper paragraph breaks across page boundaries.

The latest 0.4.1 Beta update features this update. It also employs additional minor changes to make mastered PDFs appear closer to accepted standards. For instance, the scene heading is not allowed to be the last line of any page. Its always moved to the next page. Because of this the page count reported by writing and in the generated PDF may be different.

The new 0.4.1 Beta builds on top of the changes brought by 0.4 beta to provide industry standard formatting to screenplays.

Download or update to the latest beta and try this out.