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Version 0.2.15 Beta Released

The main feature in this beta-release is support for the Fountain file format. Release Information Date: 2nd May 2019 This update is released for both Windows 64-bit and macOS. You can download the latest version from here. Change Log Fixed Issue #61: [0.2.14] While moving a scene from left to right, it drops one slot […]

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Font bundle & HTML Export

Many of our users were complaining that the Indic fonts were getting rendered using a randomly picked font, although it was for the intended language. Just like you wouldn’t want the font for English to be Comic Sans for example, using a artsy Kannada font wouldn’t work either. Besides when a screenplay was exported to […]

User Guide

Using Scrite

The UI of Scrite has changed a lot since we first published this user guide. While much of the content is still relevant, the screenshots are out of date. We will be updating this page soon to match the current status of the app. Until then, please oblige errors on this page. Alternatively, you can […]

Write your next Blockbuster with Scrite

Fun, Engaging and Productive Screenplay Writing App Scrite Download Version 0.6.2 Beta Focus on Structure Map the structure of your screenplay using index cards and organize them into acts. Color code your index cards to gain additional visual clarity. Never lose sight of the big picture Whether you are writing a linear, non-linear or Rashomon; […]