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Punyakoti – Screenplay

Writer and Director Ravi Shankar‘s crowdfunded his debut animation film, perhaps the first feature length Sanskrit Animation film, called Punyakoti.

Over 100 animators worked across 5 years to bring this film to light. It is currently streaming on Netflix and has received great reviews. Music maestro Illayaraja has given music for this film.

The film is about a truth speaking cow, which encounters a hungry tiger displaced by mindless destruction of the forest amidst a drought in the village. The movie is an adaptation of a folk song in Karnataka.

The complete screenplay of this film is now available for you in Scrite. Download and install the latest beta of Scrite on your Windows, macOS or Linux desktop. Launch the app and open Scriptalay by clicking on its icon in the toolbar.

From the list of screenplays, you can double click on Punyakoti to download and open it.

As soon as Scrite downloads the screenplay, it will open for you to study and make notes. You can even save the Screenplay on your computer for later study.

This is the first Sanskrit screenplay in our library.

To read the screenplay online, please visit this page from a browser on your desktop.

You can read the complete screenplay here if you want, although we suggest that you download Scrite and read it there. You can capture notes, generate reports, re-sequence scenes and understand the structure and flow of the screenplay a whole lot better.


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