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Scrite now on Linux

Many Linux users wrote to us asking for a build of Scrite on Linux. Distributing on Windows and macOS is straight forward because they only have one vendor each. But Linux has several vendors: Ubuntu, RedHat, openSuSE and more. Packaging Scrite for each platform is a pain. However, in recent times most distributions support AppImage format. That makes packaging for Linux distributions easy.

As of Scrite 0.3.4 Beta, we offer prebuilt binary packages for Linux in AppImage format. It is the exact same app that now works on Linux also; thanks to our use of Qt.

We provide AppImage bundles of Scrite app for 64-bit Linux only!. This means that app will work only on those distributions that support AppImage, which is most distributions including Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Fedora, RedHat, openSuSe and more. Also, your Linux OS has to be a 64-bit version.

Installing on Linux

  • Download the app from this link.
  • Unpack scrite-x.y.z-beta.tar.gz into your home directory.
  • Open a terminal window and execute the following commands.
# cd ~/scrite-x.y.z-beta.AppImage
# sh
  • Double click on the Scrite app in your desktop or launch Scrite from the start menu of your Linux distribution.

The Linux version works exactly the same as Windows and Mac versions. It supports 10 Indian Languages also, just like the Windows and Mac variants.

Download the latest version and take it for a spin and let us know what you think.