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Scrite on 32 bit Windows

Many of our users work out of a 32-bit Windows OS, could be Windows 7 or Windows 10. Some of them have a 64 bit hardware, but the software is 32 bit.

A PC running 32-bit Windows 7 Professional.

They have been unable to install Scrite on their systems, because we were not providing 32 bit installers. Although one could technically setup a development environment on one’s Windows PC and build from the source code, its not something one may want to spend time on.

With Scrite 0.3.8 Beta, we now offer 32 bit installers for Windows. You can use it on 32 bit Windows 7 and Windows 10. You can now download 32-bit installer of the latest beta from our website, double click on the Setup program to install it.

NOTE: Please ensure that you have updated your copy of Windows 7 or 10 before installing Scrite.

Once you complete the installation, you can launch Scrite.

You can open any existing Scrite project. Below is a screenshot of Shuddhi screenplay, available on this website.

As with all Scrite versions, the Windows 7 32 bit version also supports Indian Languages. Below is a screenshot of Paddayi Screenplay opened on Scrite.

Try out this new update and let us know what you think.