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Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Prashanth recently had a chance to present Scrite at Adarsh Eshwarappa’s Screenplay Writing workshop conducted by Sandalwood Geleyara Balaga USA. In addition to presenting Scrite, Prashanth also had a chance to sit in and observe the participants use Scrite to write their first screenplays as a part of the workshop.

One feedback from the participants was that they found it tricky to discover shortcuts and actually use it ongoingly. Previously we were displaying shortcuts only in tooltips and menus, we now aggregate all shortcuts and show them in a categorized form on a floating window within the UI.

Users will be able to discover all shortcuts easily from this window. Sometimes the meaning of a shortcut changes and users will be able to look it up in this window. The window can be closed and brought back anytime by clicking on the Shortcuts menu item under Settings.

We hope that this would make the app’s shortcuts more accessible and usable.