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Song and Action Scenes

Songs & dance sequence is something really unique to Indian story telling. We have noticed that some of our early adopters, who are writers and directors themselves, write song sequences in their screenplay. Typically they bracket such scenes within a SONG STARTS and SONG ENDS text-note. We thought of doing something really simple to help writers tag one or more scenes as a song scene.

You can now mark any of your scenes as either a “Song” scene or a “Action” scene. By default they will be standard scenes. Song and Action scenes are depicted by an icon next to the scene heading. This icon is placed in preview and PDF also.

Since this is not a standard element in screenplays, we provide an option to turn off its generation in PDF files.

A logical extension of this idea is to allow support for attachments in Scrite screenplays. Imagine being able to tag reference music, images and other rich media to screenplays. We hope to get there in a future update.

Take the new version 0.4.2 beta for a spin and try this feature in your screenplays.