Sync Scrite Documents Across Windows, macOS and Linux Desktops

Problem Statement: You want to keep your Scrite files synced across your Macs, Windows and Linux PCs. That way you can work on a screenplay in one computer and continue working on another computer.

Possible Solution: We come out with a subscription plan to keep all your Scrite documents stored on our servers, so that we can explicitly sync it with all your installations.

That’s what almost everybody does. Its a neat way to hook users into a paid-subscription plan.

However, we think that doing so would be a lot of wheel-reinvention. In an era where almost everybody has atleast one of Google Drive, One Drive, Drop Box and iCloud accounts, why bother building a Scrite Drive? So, here is what we suggest:

Good Solution: Sync a folder on each of your computers with the cloud using Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox or iCloud. Simply save files into this folder and let the cloud drive software keep your files in sync across all your devices.

Click on any of the links to know more about cloud sync apps.

Starting with version 0.7.4 beta, Scrite creates a lock file in the folder where you have saved a Scrite document. This lock file is automatically removed when the document is closed.

If the document is saved in a folder that is synced across your computers using a cloud sync software, then the lock file will also get synced.

The lock file is automatically removed when the document is closed in the Scrite instance that first created or opened it.

In the meantime, if you attempt to open the Scrite document on another computer, while the lock file is still in place, then Scrite shows an error message and declines your request to open the file.

If Scrite doesnt remove the lock file, (because it crashed or for any other reason) you can simply delete the lock file manually and open the Scrite document once again.

Currently, Scrite does not support real time collaborative editing. Therefore you can open a Scrite document in only one instance at a time. When we add support for collaborative editing, you will be able to keep your Scrite documents synced in real time, even though the file is stored on a cloud drive.

Download/Upgrade to version 0.7.4 beta today. You get this and a whole lot of other new features introduced in the 0.7 series.