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Version 0.5.6 Released

Version 0.5.6 Beta is now out with a host of new features, bug fixes and performance improvements. In this page we list out some of the key changes.

Click here to download this version right away.

Change in Main Window UI

On the main-window, we have replaced text on the tabs with icons to make more space for additional tabs.

A new tab (Scrited) is already included in this update. We have plans for more!

Scrited Tab

We have a new tab in the main-window called Scrited. On this tab, you can create synced video & screenplay presentations to highlight or verify the visual representation of your screenplay.

More about this feature can be read here: Screenplayed.

Smoother Scrolling

Until version 0.5.4, whenever you loaded a large Scrite screenplay (with 100+ pages), you would notice that the scrolling on the screenplay editor would be drastically slow.

With 0.5.6 we have changed the rendering logic in the screenplay editor. Scrite now delays loading of scene content by a few seconds. This way, we can avoid having to load and render a scene if the user was only scrolling past it. If the user isnt scrolling past it – then Scrite shows a placeholder image for about a second and loads the scene content immediately after. For documents created using older versions of Scrite, the first time you load them in 0.5.6+, it will still be slow but will pickup speed there after.

Custom Scene Colors

Until 0.5.4, you could only assign scene colors from a predefined set of colors. With 0.5.6 beta and beyond you can add custom colors.

You can now add up to 10 custom colors to this menu.

Scene Character Lists In Exported PDF files

When you export your screenplays into PDF with scene character list enabled, you will now see that character lists are displayed just like they are in the app.

This was a user requested feature and we are glad we could address it.

ZIP Format For Documents

Scrite has traditionally used a custom compressed file format for its documents. In this update we move away from our custom format to use the more standard ZIP file format.

More about it can be read here: Interoperable Document Format.

Download / Update

Download or update to 0.5.6 beta now.