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Version 0.6.4 Beta Released

As of today (1st May 2021), we have a total of ~2700 users on Scrite. Majority of our users are on Windows.

Version 0.6.x is rapidly gaining traction, with close to 25% of our users on it already. Close to 400 new users started using Scrite with version 0.6.x.

Version 0.6.4 Beta is now available for download. This version is mostly a maintenance update to 0.6.2. The focus was to fix bugs, optimise performance and in general make the app work faster and be more stable. So you wont find a lot of new features, but we highly recommend that you update to this version if you are running any previous version of Scrite.

If you just want to update to the latest version, then you can click on the button below.

We encourage you to take a look at the new features, enhancements and bug fixes bundled in this update.

As always, please leave your feedback on the Forum. It is because of all the feedback that the app is improving with each update.

New Features

Floating Toolbar for Annotations

A floating toolbar is now shown on top of annotations when they are selected. Configuration options for the selected annotation is easily accessible from here.

Filter Scenes By Structure Tags In Reports

It is now possible to filter scenes by the structure tags applied on them while extracting reports.

Title on the Index Card need not be a scene heading

You can now use custom headings/titles on the index cards, not necessarily a scene heading.

This was a feature request from one of our users. The ticket for this feature can be tracked here.

If the heading/title is in a proper scene heading format (INT. XYZ – ABC) then the text is cascaded to the internal scene. Otherwise, it just shows up as a heading in the index card and the same is used on the timeline as well.

Episodes can now be named

Provided a way to name episodes in the screenplay editor. These names are then exported to the PDF also.

Option to turn off the ruler

You can now toggle the visibility of the ruler in the screenplay editor. Just head to Application Settings and uncheck the option that says “Display Ruler”

Maintenance & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was generating blank page after the title page. [Issue #212]
  • Invalid structure element group tags are removed from scenes automatically.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some buttons (preview, flags etc..) on the toolbar to remain disabled after switching from structure to screenplay tab.
  • Pressing the Escape key discards the auto-completion popup.
  • Fixed an issue that caused two colors to be highlighted at once on the color popup menu
  • Fixed an issue that caused spelling mistakes to blink endlessly
  • Optimised the way in which we create & update the internal document from which various metrics are fetched. This leads to faster typing experience on the app.
  • Optimized the way in which we evaluate page count, current page and page boundaries. This leads to faster typing experience on the app.
  • While exporting reports and generating output, we show a busy message letting the user know that the app is working on the requested action.
  • Formatting changes are applied at once.
  • Optimized memory used by print-preview, so that preview can be generated even on those machines with less RAM.
  • Fixed a crash in the app which would surface when a scene is moved from elsewhere to become the first scene of the screenplay.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the app to become unresponsive when text is typed into the first new scene of the screenplay.
  • Page Up & Page Down now always jumps by one scene.
  • Fixed an issue that caused scrolling after scene split/merge to become erratic.
  • Fixed issues in the canvas preview.
  • Fixed a crash in notebook that would surface when the active notebook page has a relationship graph.
  • Optimized the way in which we update the UI while adding/inserting new scenes.
  • A busy message is shown while
    • Splitting Scenes
    • Merging Scenes
    • Changing Tabs
  • Appropriate error messages are shown when splitting or merging of scenes is not possible.

Download/Update Now!

Like we mentioned before, version 0.6.4 beta is an incremental update that mostly brings stability and performance improvements to the 0.6 code base.

As always, please leave your feedback on the Forum. It is because of all the feedback that the app is improving with each update.