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Paramvah Studios Releases Multiple Scrited Videos

Scrited is our moniker for the kind of script-to-screen videos popularized by social media handles on FB, Twitter & Instagram that go by the name Screenplayed.

Scrited was first introduced in version 0.5.6 in Jan 2021. It has since been used to create script-to-screen videos by many of our users for pedagogical purposes, among others.

In the months of March and April 2021, Paramvah Studios released quite a few Scrited videos of films from its label. For the uninitiated, Paramvah Studios is one of Kannada Film Industry’s leading film production companies. They are known for bringing stellar hits like Kirik Party, Avane Srimannarayana and many more. The studio is a Rakshit Shetty initiative, who is a very popular writer, director, actor and producer in south India.

As of writing, the Scrited videos released by Paramvah have been viewed close to 1 million times across all its social media channels. Conversations churned by these videos reveal how much people are appreciating the way in which words from the screenplay come alive on the screen when the film is made. Below are links/embeds to the videos. Please watch and enjoy!

Rakshit Shetty himself shared on his personal handles, a video from the cult classic Ulidavaru Kandante. These videos (from Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) have together been viewed almost 500k times!

You too can generate significant social media engagement by posting such videos of your films. Reach out to us if you need any support. To know more about how to create such videos you can click on the following links.

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