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Redesigned Settings Dialogue Box

Ever since we had Surya Vasishta join our team as a UI/UX contributor, he has been churning out some amazing ideas for improving the UI of Scrite.

One area which was in the works for a few weeks now was the Settings Dialog box. The previous settings dialog box was non-hierarchical and confusing. Surya designed a brand new UI for the settings dialogue box and we absolutely loved it. In 0.4.5, we took his design and implemented it in code. This is how the dialog box now looks.

The various groups of settings are now neatly organized into tabs. Each tab presents exactly one group of settings in an elegant way.

One aspect of the settings dialog box that was just not working previously was “Formatting Rules”. This has now been addressed.

Previously users had to switch to the “Page Setup” section to reset formatting to its default values. With the new UI the users can do it in the “Formatting Rules” tab.

Download or Upgrade to the latest beta, take a look at the new dialog box and let us know what you think.