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Screenplay Templates

In March 2020, we set out to build Scrite as a structure centric screenwriting tool. The idea was to give writers the tools that will help them visually comprehend and manipulate the structure of their screenplay. Over the course of the last one year, we have come quite far.

With 0.6.0 beta, we have introduced support for screenplay templates to provide writers with ready made blueprints for screenplays where the structure is already mapped out. We have put together a few initial templates, but we intend to expand on that as we progress.

From version 0.6.0 beta and beyond, whenever you click on the Scriptalay button on the toolbar, you will get a dialog box that not only shows screenplays in our library, but also shows templates.

Infact, whenever you click on the “New Document” button on the toolbar, you will be presented with a template selection dialog box.

Using either of these dialog boxes, you can select and open a template.

As of now we have put together templates that provide a ready made structure. As a writer, you can fill in that structure as you construct your story. For example, below we have screenshot of the “Save The Cat” structure.

Notice how the template consists of 40 scenes recommended by Blake Snyder in his famous book “Save The Cat”. The scenes are also tagged to belong to various parts of the structure. The synopsis on each index card provides hints as to what the screenplay should ideally have in that scene. As a writer, you can simply fill your screenplay to match the descriptions.

In a future update, we intend to provide support for local templates also. For now, we hope you will find built in templates useful.