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Updated Notebook, UI Updates & Masterclass On Scrite

Version 0.7 Beta brings to life a lot of new features that will dramatically improve your productivity as a screenwriter.

The app now features everything from a distraction free screenwriting tab, to a comprehensive structure canvas where you can design your stories visually and a dedicated notebook tab where you can organize your research and notes by episode, act, scene and character.

Read more about features introduced in 0.7.x beta series here.

Masterclass On Scrite

We have recently published a new video tutorial on Scrite, where Prashanth Udupa talks about the original idea of Scrite and how it has evolved over the past 18 months. In the ~1 hour long video he walks through the process of creating a simple screenplay in Scrite, and using advanced structuring, research and reporting tools. This video is a good place to start if you are new to Scrite. It also features chapter breaks so you can quickly jump to a specific section in the video if you want.