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Version 0.2.15 Beta Released

The main feature in this beta-release is support for the Fountain file format.

Release Information

  • Date: 2nd May 2019
  • This update is released for both Windows 64-bit and macOS.

You can download the latest version from here.

Change Log

  • Fixed Issue #61: [0.2.14] While moving a scene from left to right, it drops one slot to the right of where I intend to drop.
  • Fonts for Indian languages are bundled along with the app. Detailed blog post about it is here.
  • Fixed Issue #59: [0.2.12] Loading exported HTML files in Chrome or Safari does not render Indic fonts #59
  • The app now shows a configuration box before screenplays can be exported to the selected format.
  • Implemented Issue #50: [0.2.8] Support import & export from Fountain file format.
  • Fixed Issue #62: [0.2.14] Split scene isn’t working when there is only one scene in the screenplay.