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Download Oscar Winning Screenplays

Oscar-winning screenplays are the bedrock of cinematic brilliance. They represent the pinnacle of storytelling, blending compelling characters, intricate plots, and emotional depth. These scripts captivate audiences and resonate on a universal level, leaving a lasting impact on both viewers and the film industry.

Below is a developing list of movies in no particular order across different genres that have won the Academy for Best Original and Adapted Screenplay. You can refer to them for inspiration or to learn the craft from the masters.

American Fiction (2024)

Anatomy of a Fall (2024)

The Apartment (1961)

Get Out (2018)

Everything Everywhere All at Once (2023)

Sunset Boulevard (1951)

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1971)

Little Miss Sunshine (2007)

Parasite (2020)

Her (2014)

Annie Hall (1978)

Midnight in Paris (2012)

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