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Structure Preview

When we launched our first beta on 17th April 2020, many people downloaded the app and gave us positive feedback. One of the main feedback areas was the Screenplay Editor in Scrite.

While new writers loved the idea of creating structure and screenplay in parallel, seasoned writers preferred a simple “document like” look of Final Draft. Starting with Version 0.2.18, we have a full-screen-editing layout that provides you a write only panel, with structure and timeline in a secondary tab.

Full Screen Editing Layout – as introduced in Scrite 0.2.18 Beta.

Much of the development focus on Scrite for the past 3 to 4 weeks has been on the screenplay editor.

While we continue to do more work on this, we don’t want to ignore the structure tab. For us, the structure tab is the “killer feature” in Scrite. It allows you to visually capture the shape and flow of your story.

We have a lot of exciting new features coming in this tab. Its too early to speak about some of the features. However, in this post we want to highlight one feature that made its way to the 0.3.8 Beta released yesterday.

Preview Panel in Structure Tab

The new preview feature helps you to navigate through large structures easily.

The preview panel that floats on top of the structure now provides a way for you to visualize the entire structure as an overview, while not losing track of where in the structure you are currently working on.

Whenever you hover the mouse over the panel, it renders itself prominently otherwise it shows up semi-transparent.

Notice the gray rectangle hovering over the preview? It indicates visually the area in your structure canvas that is currently being shown in the structure tab.

You can click on this rectangle and drag it around in the preview to scroll through the structure canvas.

The preview panel in the structure canvas is especially useful when the structure of your screenplay becomes big. It will prove to be even more useful when we release a new feature in the Structure tab sometime next month called “Structure Axis.” But more on that in a future article.

You can toggle the display of the preview panel on and off by clicking on the Preview button.

We believe that this feature makes it easy to work with large structures. Download the latest update of Scrite, try out this feature and let us know what you think.