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Version 0.9.2 Beta Released

Version 0.9.2 is a bug-fix release which builds on top of the new features introduced in version 0.9 beta. We recommend everybody to update to this version. In this page, key features and bug-fixes in this version are outlined.

Please visit the downloads section to get the latest update.

Table Of Contents

    New Features

    Spell Check In Notebook & Structure Tab

    Up until version 0.9.1 beta, spell check was only available in screenplay editor. Now its available in several other areas where text is displayed and edited.

    • Scene Comments Panel
    • Synopsis Editor
    • Notebook
    • Index Cards in Structure Tab

    Act Names

    Just like episodes, you can now name your act breaks also.

    While exporting screenplays to PDF, if act breaks are enabled they will be printed along with their act names.

    Scene Titles

    While exporting PDFs, if you enable the option to include scene synopsis, then the scene title is also included along with it.

    Reset Scene Numbers

    Previously you could assign custom scene numbers to one or more scenes and Scrite wouldn’t update or in any way alter them even if you changed the position of those scenes within the timeline. For example, if you called a numbered a scene as 2A, it would remain 2A even if the scene was moved to someplace after Scene number 5 for example. Or of there was a scene 4C and a previous scene (say 3) got removed then the scene would remain 4C and it was just not logical.

    In this new update, you can manually reset scene numbering to fix all these kinds of bloopers.

    Bug Fixes

    UI Scaling on Windows

    By default Scrite ignores text-size scale from Windows OS Settings and uses a uniform scale factor of 100% (or 1.0) on all Windows 10+ PCs. You can adjust the scale of the UI, if required, within Scrite’s settings. Click here to know more.

    Unable to Delete Character in Notebook

    One of our users reported on Discord that the ‘Delete Character’ option in Notebook was not working.

    This issue has now been fixed.